Introduction #

Programming, to me, is an art. An art where inspiration and creativity come together. An art that requires dedication to get things done. No problem is the same, and no team is alike. Every challenge needs to be approached with an open mind and with the right tool(s) for the job. Every choice comes with several opportunities and risks. It’s therefore essential to consider both sides thoroughly before settling on a solution for a given issue.

Characteristics #

The people I work with appreciate my humour and drive to improve the situations at hand. Being a studious developer, I love learning and sharing my findings with my colleagues. Feedback is something I value, as it allows me to see things from a different perspective and extract my learnings from it. I believe that excellent results can only be acquired by trust, commitment and joint effort. I try my utmost best to help establish this kind of environment.

Key skills #

  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to new environments
  • Agile and “getting things done” mentality
  • Striving for the highest attainable quality within the scope of a project
  • Testing and checking the quality of products thoroughly
  • Great communication skills, technical as well as non-technical
  • Sales-driven mentality, focusing on what matters for the business
  • Motivational and positively minded, trying to inspire the people around me